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Thomas Van Housen
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About PC/Mac Guru

I'm Thomas Van Housen, PC/Mac Guru, your go-to guy for fast & friendly computer support and relief from nagging productivity blocks. I specialize in providing assistance to individuals and families, as well as professionals and small businesses who aren't supported by a corporate IT Department.

I am compassionate, on call, and ready to get (or keep) your home or small business computer activity flowing in Chicago's North, West, and Northwest Suburbs, whether it's repair help and buying advice, backing up and migrating your data and photos to a new system, or gently guiding the tech-challenged (including seniors) into a working computer relationship.

I am well-versed in troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software problems on, you guessed it, PCs and Macs. (My work with PCs are mostly involved in client migrations to the Mac.) I get the hat trick, because I also love to use Linux, an open-source operating system that installs and works very well on most PCs.

Consulting Services

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Why PC/Mac Guru?

If you contact PC/Mac Guru, you'll be dealing directly with me. I spend on average a couple hours a day on continuing education and reading to keep up on new trends and product reviews. My clients enjoy the benefit of my fifty years of computing experience, as well as a level of expertise, insight and enthusiasm that can enrich your computing world.

I always remind clients that although their particular issue may be novel for them, it is likely that I have encountered it many times in the past. Using PC/Mac Guru as a resource, you'll find the right solution quickly and not waste your valuable time or money.

Core Strengths

Client Engagement

I conduct business by appointment only, frequently in the client's home or office, and am happy to accommodate requests from clients who wish to work together evenings or on weekends.

There are times when circumstances require that I work on a client's computer in my home. Often, this is because I need to utilize other computers on my network. In other cases, it may be because I have a high-speed internet connection and it may be faster (read: cheaper for the client) for me to work in my home.

Short telephone discussions with existing clients (under ten minutes) are complimentary.

My consulting rate is $100/hour, by the quarter hours (minimum $100 on a project). I do not charge time and expense for travel. I accept cash, checks, PayPal, and Venmo.

Initial Consultations

In order to begin, exploratory discussions are free of charge. In many cases, these consultations yield enough information to proceed without my further involvement. That is to say, my goal is to determine if I may quickly help someone to a solution.

Frequently a new client is someone I have helped in this manner, and who returns because they've come to trust me.


Client Testimonials

Patti S. writes,"Working with Tom was a pleasure. He was very patient with my lack of technological abilities. He explained things very well and worked with me to get me exactly what I needed to suit my needs. My husband and I are both extremely happy with Tom's services and expertise. He was friendly, professional and all was done in a very timely manner. We will certainly use his services again in the future! We highly recommend him."

Larry S. writes,"Tom has been taking care of my computers for 15 years. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, totally honest, will come to your home for pickup and delivery and speaks English, not computerese. His prices are fair and upfront. He has repaired my computer in a matter of a couple of hours, not days. I recommend Tom without qualification."

John K. writes,"Tom is the best. He has worked with my family and I for years and years. Personalized service and always a phone call away. He stays up to date with every brand and knows the market really well. Overall a great guy too that really cares. Thank you!"

Emily P. writes, "It’s difficult to know whom to trust when sending off your iMac to someone to fix it. Tom immediately put me at ease on the phone with his calm and friendly demeanor, vast experience with my particular computer, and his unwavering integrity. From start to finish, he always had my best interest at heart and was honest, reliable and reasonable. I truly felt he was on my side and compassionate toward my situation. I give him the highest of recommendations and will be a lifelong client of his."

Mitchel M. writes, "Tom was masterful at fixing our MacBook Pro when it crashed. Took the time to explain what was wrong and how he fixed it, which we really liked. We will recommend him to anyone having computer issues."

Patricia G. writes, "TRUSTWORTHY, KNOWLEDGEABLE and AFFORDABLE are the words that come to mind when I think about the service I received from Tom the PC/Mac Guru in Algonquin, IL. When my 12-year-old MacBook Pro unexpectedly quit on me, Tom took over the entire process of getting me back up and running with a new one. He handled every single detail, from placing the order with Apple to configuring and installing all of my programs and files. When I picked up my new MacBook it was just as I had left off with my old one. I was able to hit the ground running as if nothing had even changed. Tom's fees were fair and within my modest budget. It is without hesitation that I recommend Tom the PC/Mac Guru for all of your computer needs."

H. V., Jr. writes, "I had an iMac that needed a hard drive replaced and Tom picked it up same day, then returned it fixed before promised. Thank you Tom!"

Scott S. writes, "I have known Tom over 40 years. He is honest and conducts his business, PC/Mac Guru with very high integrity. Tom receives five stars because he is very knowledgeable on computer operating systems and and brands of computers. Tom has always been very helpful and answered many of my questions when my MacBook Air or Lenovo computers were experiencing issues. He was always able determine and resolve the problem. Tom steered me to Apple products and I have not regretted the move. I highly recommend Tom and PC/Mac Guru."

Joan S. writes, "I have been a client of Tom Van Housen for 25 years and have found his service to be very reliable, responsive, and reasonably priced. Tom has purchased several computers for me and installed them. Since I'm technologically challenged, he has helped me navigate using my computer, solving any and all problems or difficulties I have had. Tom is very knowledgeable and patient when helping me solve a problem. He has kept me updated on new operating systems. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom Van Housen to anyone in need of computer help."

Bethany G. writes, "I've worked with Tom for 20 years now and there isn't anyone else I go to for computer needs and questions. Tom is always ready to brainstorm a solution and get things working for you. He's not interested in selling you something you don't need so you know whatever he designs or trouble shoots is going to meet your needs now and in the future (as far as one can go with tech and future!). He really listens and is always available or he'll will let you know when he can promptly get back to you."

Candace P. writes, "I have used his services for at least 20 years. He is excellent in setting up hardware, making sure all pieces of equipment can communicate with each other and showing me how to operate each printer, computer and laptop. I especially like his way of not making me feel inadequate in the operation of the computers. On more than one occasion he has accompanied me to the Apple store to purchase new equipment and then wiped info from my old computer so I could donate it. His manner is friendly and helpful and his fee is quite reasonable. Looking forward to many more years of service!"

Diane T. writes, "Tom has been my Mac go to guy since I first started owning and using computers. He is honest, knows his stuff and will give you his opinion regarding equipment, new products, etc. He is often available for quick questions that make computer usage less confusing for those of us who are not so tech savvy. Highly recommend PC Mac Guru."

Bob S. writes, "As a computer pro and power user I can recommend Tom as a very knowledgeable and responsive computer expert. He's always been helpful in fixing what's out of whack and recommending upgrades in software and hardware that makes my workflow flow all the smoother. I also appreciate that Tom is an experienced business person himself so knows how essential your computer is to the life of your business. He gets it and wastes no time in getting you back in service pronto. Who you gonna' call? Yes, giveTom a ring. He will help. In Peace.. Bob"

Chris P. writes, "I am a teacher, writer, music lover and traveler dependent on computing and the web for word processing, harvesting information and managing music/photos for personal use as well as teaching tools. PC/Mac Guru has me better equipped, better organized, feeling safer and more confident. Tom is an educator, too. He diagnosed my needs, cognizant of my budget and sent me off to the Apple store with a list. I was outta there in 15 minutes. Tom came to my house, navigated my conversion to the Mac, and has helped via follow-through ever since. The whole experience has been efficient, friendly, economical and professional."

Gabrielle J. writes "Tom is FAR AND AWAY superior to any other service I have tried. He always finds a way to fit us in when we need him and repairs have been painless. I would never use anyone else!"

Sharel C. writes, "Tom has now recovered two of my Macs from total crashes, with a fast turnaround and very reasonable price. I wouldn't think of going to anyone else!"

R. Grant, Jr. writes, "Tom is incredibly knowledgable about how to solve your problems. I trust him to fix things and give me the best advice. He fixes issues quickly and tries to be flexible with scheduling. This is the man for your computer problems. Thank you Tom!"