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PC to Mac "Conversion Therapy"

When I look back over the years I am struck by the clear differences in productivity, and happiness, of Apple/Mac users over Microsoft. This clear distinction has found me actively promoting the benefits of Apple’s philosophy, be it leading-edge hardware, usability in software, and the company’s focus on security and privacy.
Believing as I do in good works, and leaving the world a better place for living my life in it, I’ve come to an important decision about improving the sanity of myself and my clientele: In order to best serve you for the long-term, I will primarily focus on Mac projects and “conversion therapy” from PC to the Mac.

Microsoft has recently closed its last remaining retail stores. Intel has fallen behind in its chip design roadmap. Windows 10 continues with an almost passive-aggressive relationship with the user to where now someone is equally likely to be self-hacked by a botched Windows Update as with a hacker-exploited vulnerability. This is madness.
As for those who remain attached to their PC hardware, I recommend we transition your machines from Windows to Linux, as a way to extend their usefulness.
Meanwhile, in Apple’s Walled Garden everything “Just Works”. I’ve seen countless times where Apple exhibits a very strong customer-first philosophy, and I’m proud to be client-focused as well in their ecosystem. Yes, I’m a repair guy, and yet I always encourage my clients to get AppleCare with a new purchase because it’s a tremendous value and the right thing to do. Apple leads the industry in recycling products at the end of their lifecycle. PCs are left on the curb with the trash.
Apple’s new macOS Big Sur will further blur the distinction between itself and iOS/iPadOS with the ability to run its many phone/tablet apps, and the company’s plans to fabricate their own “System on a Chip” for the Mac will further distinguish themselves from Microsoft PCs. They’ll be faster, run cooler, and hold a far longer battery charge than the competition.

So I see exciting times ahead for the Mac! And, like Lenny Kravitz asks, “What I really want to know is, Are You Gonna Go My Way?