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My interest in computers began early in my career as an actuary, a real number cruncher. Over my career I have worked for Coopers & Lybrand (now called PriceWaterhouseCoopers), TPF&C (now called Willis Towers Watson), and was a Principal of Mercer (a unit of Marsh & McLennan). I also spent eight years as an executive search consultant for Howe-Corey, Ltd., a boutique search firm which at the time specialized in actuarial executive recruiting.

I started using mainframe computers in 1974, and in 1987 I began using an IBM PC AT, my first PC, and I've been troubleshooting personal computers ever since. Macs came later for me, starting in 1996 when Apple's Macintosh PowerPC line was introduced. My interest in Linux began in about 2001, with the Suse Linux distribution. Today I use and recommend the Ubuntu GNU-Linux distribution.

Outside of my home-based consulting practice, I have been painting pop art since 1990 and have sold more than 1,400 paintings. I've developed a variety of techniques that frequently incorporate the the Mac as a tool in the creation of my paintings. For more information, please visit thomasvanhousen.com, and also my Facebook Album titled Paintings by Thomas Van Housen.

Other interests include gardening, golf, yoga, motorcycling, reading, cooking, and Angus, our Scottish Deerhound.