About PC/Mac Guru

… and a list of consulting services

About PC/Mac Guru

I'm Thomas Van Housen, PC/Mac Guru, your go-to guy for fast & friendly computer support and relief from nagging productivity blocks. I specialize in providing assistance to individuals and families, as well as professionals and small businesses who aren't supported by a corporate IT Department.

I am compassionate, on call, and ready to get (or keep) your home or small business computer activity flowing in Chicago's North, West, and Northwest Suburbs, whether it's repair help and buying advice, backing up and migrating your data and photos to a new system, or gently guiding the tech-challenged (including seniors) into a working computer relationship.

I am well-versed in troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software problems on, you guessed it, PCs and Macs. (My work with PCs are mostly involved in client migrations to the Mac.) I get the hat trick, because I also love to use Linux, an open-source operating system that installs and works very well on most PCs.

Consulting Services

• Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware
• Buying Advice (New and Used) and Delivery
• Computer Repair
• Data Backup, Restoration or Destruction
• Email Setup
• Home/Small Office Networking and Wireless Networking
• On-Site Training
• Productivity Consulting
• Social Media Consulting
• System Restoring/System Installation
• Telephone Support
• Upgrades
• Windows/Mac Integration
• Windows-to-Mac Migration