Why PC/Mac Guru?

Core Strengths | Client Engagement | Initial Consultations

Why PC/Mac Guru?

If you contact PC/Mac Guru, you'll be dealing directly with me. I spend on average a couple hours a day on continuing education and reading to keep up on new trends and product reviews. My clients enjoy the benefit of my 45 years of computing experience, as well as a level of expertise, insight and enthusiasm that can enrich your computing world.

I always remind clients that although their particular issue may be novel for them, it is extremely unlikely that they are alone in suffering from it. Using PC/Mac Guru as a resource, you'll find the right solution quickly and not waste your valuable time or money.

Core Strengths

• Fast, Friendly, and Focused
• Deep & Wide Technical Understanding
• Honest and Professional
• Patient and Understanding with Clients
• Sharing All Options with Clients
• Frugal with Client Resources
• Transparent: No Hidden Agendas
• Flexible Availability

Client Engagement

I conduct business by appointment only, frequently in the client's home or office, and am happy to accommodate requests from clients who wish to work together evenings or on weekends.

There are times when circumstances require that I work on a client's computer in my home. Often, this is because I need to utilize other computers on my network. In other cases, it may be because I have a high-speed internet connection and it may be faster (read: cheaper for the client) for me to work in my home.

Short telephone discussions with existing clients (under ten minutes) are complimentary.

My consulting rate is $80/hour, by the quarter-hour (minimum $80 on a project). I do not charge time and expense for travel. I accept cash, checks and PayPal.

Initial Consultations

In order to begin, exploratory discussions are free of charge. In many cases, these consultations yield enough information to proceed without my further involvement. That is to say, my goal is to determine if I may quickly help someone to a solution.

Frequently a new client is someone I have helped in this manner, who returns because they've come to trust me.